luni, 2 martie 2009

Download Mac Bundle Box

15 Amazing Apps, For Only $49.95! The Mac Bundle Box will contain apps for different tasks, including Productivity, Video, Games, Entertainment and so much more.


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How toilet paper it’s made

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Chuck will be more SF

At the Chuck roundtable interviews at Wondercon, Fedak told us we'll see "more of the scifi side" of Chuck. In the recent episode "Chuck Vs. The Suburbs," you saw a bit more of the "scifi underpinnings of the show," including the secrets of the Intersect, the super-spy database that's downloaded into Chuck's head. "That kind of rabbit hole, and that kind of mythology of how it works, we'll be getting further into it," said Fedak.



They showed a reel of scenes from the rest of the season, and it included tons and tons of Yvonne Strahovski kicking ass in her underwear, lots of bondage and fighting, and Chuck squealing like a little girl. And what looked like a pole-dancing Tricia Helfer! And there are hints that evil spy organization Fulcrum is getting a lot closer to figuring out Chuck's secret.


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Google’s Street View, now with user generated photos


Google Street View lets you see photographs of city streets and their surroundings taken by Google cameras attached to vehicles that have been driving along major city streets in the US and other countries including Japan, Australia, and Spain.

Google is using geotagged photos contributed through Panoramio. The company also makes some of these photos available in other applications like Google Earth.

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duminică, 1 martie 2009

2019, viewed by Microsoft

<a href="" target="_new" title="Future Vision Montage">Video: Future Vision Montage</a>

Microsoft has put together a concept video showing what the world could look like in another 10 years. The Future Vision Montage shows a world where face to face communication is easier thanks to video walls that let students in the US interact with children across the globe with no language barriers.

And it looks like Microsoft is betting on touchscreen devices -- and hoping that its Surface technology will grow up and gain wider acceptance.

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